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The Lean Startup

Book Review: The Lean Startup

The Lean Startup has become much more than just a book and a methodology. The author (Eric Ries) refers to it as a movement. And it truly is. The ideas put forward in the book have changed how most of the (tech) world approaches starting new companies, but also how many large corporations approach innovation.

Inspired by the broader lean movement, made famous by Toyota, Eric has applied the same basics to innovation, such as small rather than big batches. While the original ideas were all about production, Eric felt that they could help him with an issue he had when starting a new business.
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To travel or not to travel - Original Image @

To travel or not to travel, a.k.a. the value of being there

To travel, or not to travel, that is the question. Throughout my career, traveling has always been part of the job. But it’s also something that always seems to be questioned. For good reasons. Traveling quickly turns into a black hole of expenses and wasted time.

In the midst of a period of extensive traveling, I’ve spent some time thinking about the value of it. About the value of “being there”, of meeting people face-to-face.
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Start with why by Simon Sinek

Book Review: Start with Why

Another book read, another book reviewed. But this time I am going give my opinion away right at the start. Start with why is hands down the most inspiring book I’ve read. Interested in leadership, communication or marketing? This is definitely a book for you!

Now I must admit that I am a bit of a Simon Sinek fan. I’ve watched his TED talk, listened to a couple of his presentations and been through a bunch of interviews prior to reading “Start with WHY”. The idea of starting with why resonates with me, and I was convinced already before I started reading. But in the book Simon does a really great job explaining his idea, explaining the reason it is more than a theory (it’s biology) and exemplifying it. The structure, flow and language is top-notch, and makes it easy to follow his chain of thought. I would go as far as saying this is not only the most inspiring book I’ve read, but also the most well written.
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