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The Lean Startup

Book Review: The Lean Startup

The Lean Startup has become much more than just a book and a methodology. The author (Eric Ries) refers to it as a movement. And it truly is. The ideas put forward in the book have changed how most of the (tech) world approaches starting new companies, but also how many large corporations approach innovation.

Inspired by the broader lean movement, made famous by Toyota, Eric has applied the same basics to innovation, such as small rather than big batches. While the original ideas were all about production, Eric felt that they could help him with an issue he had when starting a new business.
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Outsourcing parts of the product development process - Original Image @

Outsourcing parts of the product development process

While outsourcing may no longer be as hip and trendy as it once was, the idea of using external resources for small (or large) chunks of the product development process has matured. Today “everybody does it”.

Using Ideo for innovation consulting, Tech Mahindra for million dollar telco projects or 99designs for your $100 web design outsourcing are obviously different beasts. But there are still a bunch of challenges common to all kinds of outsourcing.
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Innovating at intersections. Original Image @

Innovating at Intersections

Innovating is hard, innovating takes time, and innovating takes energy. It doesn’t come out of thin air, it comes about from a focused effort to shift gear and it comes about from a focused effort to leap-frog competition. There are obviously many ways to approach innovation, but one that has been proven to work many times over is what I call innovating at intersections.
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