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Book Review: Business Model Generation


Business Model Generation is not definitely not new (published 2010), so you may ask your self why review it end of 2015? 5 years after it was published?

Even though many have read it, and even more have heard about it, it is worth mentioning again and again. In a fairly short amount of time it has become a true classic, a must-read, for everyone working with innovation.

In Business Model Innovation, Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur introduce the business model canvas. A tool to describe, compare and to work with business models. The book is easy to read, with tons of inspiring examples of business model innovation collected from over 400 contributors. And while some examples are becoming slightly outdated, they still serve their purpose well and the business model canvas is more relevant than ever.

Understanding the canvas, knowing the terminology and being able to interpret and digest a business model described with the canvas is close to mandatory knowledge today. It is also a great tool to get you and your organisation to start thinking more actively about business models.

Only the business model canvas?

But the book not only introduces the business model canvas with examples. It also discusses patterns in business models, covering concepts such as long tail and multi sided business models. It provides guidance to how to build and work with business models in new and existing companies, with emphasis on the value of customer insight and design thinking.

Read it, and read it again

If you haven’t read it before now’s the time. If you have read it, perhaps it is time to pick it up again. I just did, and realized that you learn a lot every time you do so. Like most good business books it contains actionable insights. So depending on what you are doing at the moment, what company you work for and what projects you work on, you will pick up different thoughts and ideas.


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