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To travel or not to travel, a.k.a. the value of being there

To travel, or not to travel, that is the question. Throughout my career, traveling has always been part of the job. But it’s also something that always seems to be questioned. For good reasons. Traveling quickly turns into a black hole of expenses and wasted time.

In the midst of a period of extensive traveling, I’ve spent some time thinking about the value of it. About the value of “being there”, of meeting people face-to-face.
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Is inbox zero the stress reliever you need?

Inbox zero was introduced by Merlin Mann already back in 2007. But as time spent emailing hasn’t exactly decreased, it should still be relevant right?

Me and many others keep pointing out that prioritizing is key for any product manager (as well as most other people). Spending more time than necessary sorting through your inbox is definitely not the way to go. It just adds to the stress of constantly juggling tasks and priorities. So while not new, is inbox zero perhaps the solution to reduce your stress level?
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The value of taking time off

Just back in the saddle after the holidays I’ve reflected on the value of taking time off.

I my self was neck deep in work before I took a break for the holidays. Like many others I then thought to myself, do I have time for time off? There are just so many things that needed to be done. With deadlines ranging from yesterday to tomorrow. But in the end I took that time off, and it came with a bunch of advantages.
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Welcome to Arctic Product!

First of all a warm welcome to Arctic Product, and thank you for swinging by!

My name is Alexander Sandstrom, and have founded Arctic Product because I truly love working with products, and want to share ideas, experiences, thoughts and create a dialogue. I currently work as a product manager, but have over the years experienced most tasks in a product oriented company. When I grew up I didn’t know I wanted to become a product manager. I didn’t even know I wanted to work with products. What I did know was that I enjoyed new technologies and new gadgets.

Over the years I’ve played around with new tech, written code, documented requirements, verified and integrated products and solutions, developed technical, portfolio and go-to-market strategies, sold and marketed to customers and much more. All of this has made me passionate about product oriented business. A passion I hope to share with you through Arctic Product. Read More