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Use a trade show for my product launch?

Bringing a new product to market? Bringing a new solution to your customers problems? Bringing a new shiny object to the world? How, where and when to launch are probably some of your key concerns at the moment.

Just back in the office after launching new products at one of the big trade shows in my industry, I figured now is a good time to cover the topic of launching at a trade show. In this post you will get my view of the pros and cons, and what to think about if you decide to do it.

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Key product management responsibilities and how to prioritize

Product managers are involved in all aspects of the product life cycle, from the first idea to retiring the product. Perhaps obvious, but failing to prioritize and delegate responsibility leads to constant fire fighting and lack of focus. Agreeing that the primary goal of the product manager is to identify and exploit a product-market fit as discussed in “what does a product manager do?” is a good first step. But beyond this, what are the key product management responsibilities and how do these help you decide what tasks to prioritize?