Innovating at Intersections

Innovating is hard, innovating takes time, and innovating takes energy. It doesn’t come out of thin air, it comes about from a focused effort to shift gear and it comes about from a focused effort to leap-frog competition. There are obviously many ways to approach innovation, but one that has been proven to work many times over is what I call innovating at intersections.

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Key product management responsibilities and how to prioritize

Product managers are involved in all aspects of the product life cycle, from the first idea to retiring the product. Perhaps obvious, but failing to prioritize and delegate responsibility leads to constant fire fighting and lack of focus. Agreeing that the primary goal of the product manager is to identify and exploit a product-market fit as discussed in “what does a product manager do?” is a good first step. But beyond this, what are the key product management responsibilities and how do these help you decide what tasks to prioritize?

Product management

What does a product manager do?

In any product oriented company the product manager takes a central role. But with no industry wide definition available, a very common subject of discussion is “what is a product manager?” or “what does a product manager do?”. In this article we will try to define product management and the product manager role.


Welcome to Arctic Product!

First of all a warm welcome to Arctic Product, and thank you for swinging by!

My name is Alexander Sandstrom, and have founded Arctic Product because I truly love working with products, and want to share ideas, experiences, thoughts and create a dialogue. I currently work as a product manager, but have over the years experienced most tasks in a product oriented company. When I grew up I didn’t know I wanted to become a product manager. I didn’t even know I wanted to work with products. What I did know was that I enjoyed new technologies and new gadgets.

Over the years I’ve played around with new tech, written code, documented requirements, verified and integrated products and solutions, developed technical, portfolio and go-to-market strategies, sold and marketed to customers and much more. All of this has made me passionate about product oriented business. A passion I hope to share with you through Arctic Product.